Vasilisa Marinchuk, Business Advisor – Emerging Technologies

Vasilisa has more than 10 years of diverse project management experience, developing and implementing various strategic initiatives in multiple sectors. She was advising and executing projects for the largest petrochemical and telecom companies in Russia Rostelecom and Sibur, managed strategic initiatives for JV of Ford Motor Company and Sollers, built operations for fast growing payments company Wave Crest in Gibraltar. Starting 2016 Vasilisa started to work in the blockchain space advising and helping companies to build sustainable business and navigate in the regulatory requirements. Passionate about technologies she now leads Barcelona Blockchain Week SL company which supports Catalan Government and Barcelona Chamber of Commerce in promoting blockchain technology in the region and internationally. Her flagman conference D4A brings together industry and technical experts, visionary political leaders and prominent startups. Being originally from Moscow she lived, worked and studied all over EU as well as US and China. She has excellent academic background and holds Bachelor’s degree in Management from one of the leading Russian Universities Higher School of Economics and top tier International MBA from Madrid based IE Business School.

Vasilisa Marinchuk