Vinita Vijay

Vice President, Investor Relations, India
Sectors : Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Real Estate.
Location : Mumbai, India and Seattle, United States of America.
Language : English, Hindi, and French.

Vinita is an investment professional with rich experience in International Markets, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Investments.

Her expertise lies in executing Strategy, maintaining Investor Relations, Deal Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances and Fundraising. She is passionate about creating impact in cross-border investments.

She has worked with Lodha Group (India & UK) for their North America business expansion, played a key role in the expansion of an infrastructure consulting in GCC before transitioning to the buy-side of the business with an Alternative Investment Fund.

She brings on board a global perspective having worked in over 12 international cities including New York, Bay Area, Seattle, Toronto, Dubai to name a few. She holds certifications in Finance from Harvard Business School and a degree in Business Administration from Amity University. Additionally, she has been a social ambassador of the Indian Development Foundation, a Non-profit focused on Education and Women Empowerment, for 11 years.

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