Tariq Alhefny

Tariq Alhefny

Business Advisor - Middle East, Public Policy and Government Affairs
Sectors : Decision intelligence and innovation, community infrastructure ‘real estate, hospitality, healthcare, culture and sports’, merger and acquisitions ‘mainly intangibles in sports, arts, and culture, including valuation and branding, policymaking, restructuring/reengineering and PPP enterprises.
Locations : Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.
Language : Arabic, English and French.

Having more than 35 years of international experience in development and investment, leading multi-billion portfolios as chief portfolio officer, project director and consultant, as well as other advisory roles in GCC with government authorities, state enterprises, and international consultants in the sectors of community development in real estate, hospitality, culture and sports investments, and healthcare.
In 2012, he founded a leading decision-based practice that developed a proprietary platform for enterprise decision analysis while providing unique advisory services in decision intelligence, strategic management, value creation, organisational innovation, and applied implementation solutions. His unique skills include AI-ML, business modelling, valuations of immeasurable intangibles and decision analysis.
Having BSc. in Architecture and Engineering in 1985, and later in 2011, a Master of Arts in Public Policy with emphasis on strategic management and decision analysis, its techniques and tools. Other credentials include Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Project Finance Specialist, and member of PMI and AIA.

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