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Sutton Turner

Strategic Advisor - Capital Opportunities
Chief Executive Officer, SayeNvest Real Estate Advisory
Sectors : Real Estate Management, Development, and Investment. Family Office.
Locations : Houston, United States of America and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Language : English (Fluent).

Sutton Turner combines 26 years of business experience leading 5 different businesses across three different countries as CEO (United States, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi). These businesses include real estate, investment, development, brokerage, facilities management, restaurant, and consulting.
In 2008, he was the founding CEO of Khidmah, currently the largest services management company in the UAE with over 1,000 employees. A critical success element to Khidmah’s success was recruiting skilled workers and professionals from the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Syria. In 2010, Sutton led Waseef, LLC as CEO in Doha, Qatar. For 10 years, Sutton co-founded the Wentwood Companies providing investment and real estate services across 10 states with 36 locations and over 300 employees.
Sutton is currently pursuing a PhD from Texas A&M University with master’s degrees from Southern Methodist University (MBA), Texas A&M University (Agr.), and Harvard Business School (OPM).

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