Dr. Stefan Tetzlaff

Business Advisor – Global Affairs &International Business and Business Head – Europe
Sectors : Government including Public service, Academia and /Education, Automotive, Steel/Construction, Chemicals, FMCG.
Locations : Berlin, Germany and Shanghai, China.
Language : German, English, French, Hindi.

Dr. Stefan Tetzlaff is an experienced advisor on global affairs and international business whose work straddles the fields of policy-making, academia and industry. Stefan’s work experience in Asia, Europe and the US bring a global perspective to issues of economic development, industrial policies and business strategy. Broadly trained in the social sciences and humanities, Stefan holds a PhD in History from the University of Goettingen and a joint Master’s degree in Asian/African Studies and Political Science from Humboldt University and Free University in Berlin. Stefan has completed research on several themes from which books are forthcoming, including a social and economic history of the automobile in India in the interwar period, India’s political economy and corporate transformation since the 1940s and global strategies of German corporations. Stefan has a penchant for technology and knowledge economy, a go-getter mentality and a desire to effect meaningful change.

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