Simen Munter

Strategic Advisor – Business strategies and Risk, Chief Executive Officer, SayeNvest Asset Management
Sectors : Banking & Finance, Technology, Asset Management.
Locations : Melbourne, Australia and Singapore, Singapore.
Language : English, Norwegian.

Simen is an experienced international banking executive with nearly 30 years of diverse leadership experience across nearly the entire financial services sector, front and back, across a number of countries and cultures. Based in Oslo, Simen Munter has worked internationally in a wide range of roles in financial services since 1991, across Europe, Australia and Asia, and has deep knowledge and understanding of the banking industry generally, high volume/high value/high complexity approaches especially.
Simen’s background is a unique blend of strategy creation and enablement, customer focus, technology and risk management.   With experience from both low cost and high-cost markets and various levels of digital enablement, he can structure solutions that are a 'scale of difference' better and enable great customer outcomes leveraging both people and technology.
Simen speaks regularly at conferences and seminars related to technology transformations and is especially interested in machine learning and its role in society.
Before starting his banking career, Simen taught at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, where he also studied and graduated with a Master’s of Science in Business degree.

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