Pradeep Singh, Strategic Advisor - Public Policy and Infrastructure Development.

Pradeep Singh has worked in government, private sector, and academia for 42 years. In the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Pradeep worked with the state and central governments including the Home and Defense Ministries. As CEO of pioneering private organizations, he oversaw the development and financing of infrastructure projects in PPP mode. After 35 years in government and private sector, Pradeep joined the Indian School of Business as CEO and Deputy Dean. He was instrumental in launching new programmes in Infrastructure, Public Policy, Manufacturing and Healthcare. In 2017, he returned to government as Advisor to the Government of Jammu Kashmir. He currently serves as board director, consultant, and advisor. Pradeep was a visiting faculty member at Harvard, and worked as consultant for the World Bank and the ADB. He holds an MPA from Harvard and was a Graduate Fellow at Stanford University. He also holds MBA and M.Sc. (Physics) degrees.

Pradeep Singh