Omar El Haimar

Strategic Advisor – Financial Institutions
Sectors : Financial Institutions, Automotive, Health care, Private Equity, Asset Management.
Locations : Paris, France and Geneva, Switzerland.
Language : French, English and Arabic.

Omar brings over 30 years of experience in Banking and Finance with a wide knowledge of Finance, Banking and Investment products and services. He spent 9 years as Head of Financial Institutions and Business Development at a Swiss Bank, before this, he acted as Senior Bank at one of the largest French Bank covering top segmented clients by selling its all products and services such as capital markets, international Financing, corporate finance, assets management.
He acted as Co-Head of financial institutions based in Emerging Countries where he developed a strong culture in the field of Country and bank’s risks and how to mitigate them. He also worked with a Kuwait bank at their Paris subsidiary.
In addition to this, he spent two years as a Partner and General Manager of an advisory and assets management company based in Casablanca, Morocco.
Before joining SayeNvest Group he was a Global Consultant advising clients in different sectors such as Health Care, Steel, Oil, Assets Management and Private Equity.
Omar has two Master’s degree in International Finance and Banking from the University of Nanterre, Paris and Technical Banking Institute, Paris.

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