Devjit Loomba

Devjit Loomba

Chief Executive Officer, Australia and New Zealand
Sectors : Petroleum, Fuels, Automotive, Chemicals, Paper, Building Materials, Retail.
Locations : Brisbane, Australia and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Language : English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali.

He has been extensively involved in Retail, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Sales & international business, channel management, B2B & B2C, Trading, Wholesale, & Skills Development.

He has worked closely with most OEMs for product technical testing & approvals, launching Bridgestone in India, rolling out Reliance Industries Petroleum venture & Fleet Management Operations. He then moved to develop retail downstream operations in Nigeria and is experienced across multiple sectors like Automotive, Retail, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Specialty chemicals, Tyres, Lubricants & power backup appliances.

Devjit is a Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering specialising in Automobile & Power Plants, Advanced Diplomas in Organisation & Marketing Management.

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